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Study in UK From Nepal

A British Degree will open up doors towards a successful career.

Studying in UK from Nepal is the right decision to make. Choosing a location for further studies can either make or break a University Experience. Students always strive to get a degree that is internationally recognized. A UK university will guarantee the recognition of its degree worldwide. 

England, which has just 1% of the world population can easily boast of having some of the best universities in the world like the Oxford and Cambridge. It produces 14% of world’s most cited academic papers amongst the researcher’s community. Just to name a few geniuses in their respective fields, who have graduated from UK are Stephen Hawkins, Emma Watson, Indira Gandhi, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde and many more. Study in UK can benefit you from different perspectives. The universities in UK are not located in rural setting as well as some of the cities like Nottingham and Cambridge are entirely student centered, providing studious people the best environment.


Why Study in UK From Nepal?

A global leader in providing diversified education UK promises quality along with affordability. The new change in Post study policy has also made it possible for students to get valuable exposure.

Understanding UK’s Education System

Popular for the sandwich courses, where students get to enjoy the opportunity of paid internships during studies, UK has much more to offer.

UK Students Visa – Tier 4 Overview

UK has a simplified Visa System that is tier based. Student Visa is a Tier 4 – General Visa, in which a student’s needs to earn 40 points for the visa to be granted.

Employment Opportunities in the UK

In addition to the provision of working part time during studies, UK has also announced a post study work visa of two years.

Cost of Studying in UK

In average, students pay around GBP 14000 per year for most courses. However, it is better to check the individual course requirement.

Scholarship options in UK

UK government along with some universities provide students with the facility of funding that might be full or partial. There are also bursaries available that shall benefit international students.

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    English Preparation Classes

    Map of UK

    Minimum Qualification and Requirements for Students in Nepal to Study in the UK

    For Undergraduate Degree 

    • IELTS RequirementUniversity foundation: Overall 4.5, each band 4. Bachelor degree: Overall 6, each band 5.5
    • Academic Requirement – Successful completion of grade 12 with a score of 55-60% above.
    • Age Requirement: No age limitation (special conditions apply if you are under 18 years old)

    For Postgraduate Degree

    • IELTS Requirement: Pre-Master’s: Overall 5, each band 5. Master’s degree: Overall 6.5, each band 6
    • Academic Requirement: Successful completion of Bachelor’s degree with first division.

    Some universities may waive IELTS if the students have an English score of 70 and above in their grade 12, while others may have their own English language test.

    Document Requirement Checklist

    Academic Document

    • IELTS certificate
    • Transcript, Provisional, Character certificate (From year 10 to your recent Education Qualification)
    • Work Experience (if required by University)
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • CV (optional)
    • Letter of Recommendation (optional)

    Financial Documents

    • 28 days of bank balance in any A-grade bank (1-year tuition in addition to 1-year living cost)
    • Should be in the name of student or parents only
    • Even the Balance Statement needs to be stamped and signed by the bank authorities.
    • Education Loans that are sanctioned directly in the name of the student and also disbursed in their account will be acceptable

    Medical Health  Documents

    • Medical Report (test if TB)

    Step-by-Step Guide After IELTS

    • Apply and accept an offer
    • Interview with the university (if required)
    • Apply and receive a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Education
    • Financial Documents (28 days bank balance) need to be provided to the University along with few other documents (Birth Certificate)
    • Test of TB from IOM
    • Payment of tuition fee to be made at the University
    • Issuance of CAS
    • Visa Application
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