Time Difference Between Nepal and United Kingdom

If you are traveling to United Kindom from Nepal or vice-versa, it’s crucial for you to know the difference between both countries. The time difference between Nepal and United Kingdom can be calculated using the latitude and longitude of each country. Kathmandu, Nepal’s latitude is 27.7 and its longitude is 85.333333. London, England, United Kingdom’s latitude is 51.5 and its longitude is -0.13.  The time zone offset of the capital of the UK, London is UTC+01:00, while the time zone offset for Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, is UTC+05:45. This makes the time difference between Nepal and United Kingdom to be approx. 4 hours and 45 minutes. The distance between Nepal and United Kingdom is approx. 7,334 km.

Time difference Between Nepal and United Kingdom

London, UK Kathmandu, Nepal
12am 4:45am
1am 5:45am
2am 6:45am
3am 7:45am
4am 8:45am
5am 9:45am
6am 10:45am
7am 11:45am
8am 12:45pm
9am 1:45pm
10am 2:45pm
11am 3:45pm
12pm 4:45pm
1pm 5:45pm
2pm 6:45pm
3pm 7:45pm
4pm 8:45pm
5pm 9:45pm
6pm 10:45pm
7pm 11:45pm
8pm 0:45am
9pm 1:45am
10pm 2:45am
11pm 3:45am

What is the Best Time to Call from London to Nepal?

If you are planning to call from London to Nepal, the best time to do is between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Since London is 4:45 hours behind Nepal. This time is ideal in Nepal and is a regular working hour between 1:45 pm to 5:45 pm on a working day.