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The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is part of mainland Europe. It sits in Western Europe, with an extensive coastline to the North Sea, and shares land borders with Germany and Belgium. The Netherlands was the first non-native English-speaking country to offer courses taught in English to international students. International students can study programs in Dutch or English, making it a great option for studying abroad.

Study in Netherlands is similar to other popular study abroad destinations in terms of duration:

There are two intakes, February and September.


If you’re studying in the Netherlands for a period shorter than 90-days or three-months, you’ll likely be encouraged to apply for a “schengen” or “short-term” visa. For students in the Netherlands on a semester or yearlong study abroad program, you’ll need to apply for a “long term” visa as outlined below.


The first step is to apply for offer at the respective university. Apart from the academic documents, IELTS score, valid passport, SOP the applicant also needs to have the following as a major requisite:

The visa process has two parts: Obtaining a Provisional Residence Permit (MVV) and Residence Permit. The MVV is the initial phase which will allow you to enter the Netherlands at any time within the following six months. MVV application will take some time to process, and it is recommended that students apply at least three months before their intended arrival date in the Netherlands.

To stay in the country for the duration of your study program you’ll need a Residence Permit. They will do this within five days of your arrival in the Netherlands, and will a require you to pay a fee that is uniquely set by them.Once approved, you should collect your permit from a national immigration body office (IND) within two weeks of your arrival in the Netherlands. Upon receiving your permit, you will then need to register with the local council.


Documents required for the visa: