How to Apply for Australia Visa Extension?

Students whose student visas are about to expire after the course completion can apply for a post-study visa or work permit under subclass 485. Such visas are called 485 post-study work visas. Students had to pay fees of $1680 to apply for visa 485 which increased to $1730 on July 1, 2022. Australia offered a 2-year post-study visa for undergraduate students, 3 years for postgraduate students, and 4 years for doctorate students.  Recently, Australia has given a notice that it will be expanding post-study work rights by 2 years for Nepali students. This is a fantastic upgrade because it allows you to better plan your career because more fields are now open to study and work in as the validity of post-study work visas is extended.

Due to COVID restrictions, several Australian sectors experienced a loss of skilled laborers who relocated back to their home countries in search of new employment prospects. The Australian government has relocated AUD 36 Million for improving visa processing for foreign students and reducing the delay in visa decisions. These improvements will bring more Nepali students applications in the near future.

The Australian government will extend post-study work rights for foreign students who complete their graduation with degrees linked to workforce shortages. It will give students more time to find a job in Australia and utilize their skills gained while studying here. Even so, the Australian government has not decided which degree will be applicable for the work right extension. According to reports, nursing, engineering, and IT students will be top priority areas. The detailed information regarding the degrees is expected to be circulated in late October after the advice and discussions. With the extension of 2 years post-study visa, the degrees will be extended to :

Specific Requirements for Post-study Work Stream

How to Apply for Australia Visa Extension?

You should apply for the post-study visa right after the completion of the course or within six months of the course completion. Not all visas, though, will let you apply for a new one if you want to stay in Australia for a longer period of time. As they were established when your visa was obtained, you must review the conditions of your visa.

The following steps are to be checked and done for the visa application:

  1. Visa Condition
  2. Waiver Request
  3. Apply for Visa Condition Waiver
  4. Check for a waiver visa
  5. Apply for a new visa

1. Check visa condition

When obtaining an Australian visa, there are some conditions attached to the type of visa. These conditions determine what you can and cannot do while you are the holder of this particular visa. On certain types of visas, there is “no further stay condition(8503)”.

2. Waiver Request

As a matter of fact, if there is no further stay condition then one should apply for waiving that limit the stay in Australia.

Condition 8503 can only be waived if:

3. Apply for Visa Condition Waiver

You will need to apply for the waiver request no less than four weeks before your current visa expires. Documents required for the waiver are : 

4. Check for a waiver visa

Awaiting the Department processing your request afterward submitting a request to waive the “no further stay” condition. If the waiver is granted, then you will apply for visa 485. It is necessary to notice that although condition 8503 is waived it’s not guaranteed that you just are going to be receiving another visa.

5. Apply for a New Visa

After no further stay condition is waived then you will be able to apply for a new visa to continue staying in Australia.

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