Why Study in USA?

Why choose USA

Why study in USA? The American Dream is something that almost every international student will go through at least once in their life time. Being the premier destination makes it the major reason to choose USA. Amongst the many benefits, the basic advantage is that of getting credentials that are recognized in every corner of the world.

Besides it is a country having vast resources, that can provide study options in almost every sector. Many universities have incorporated the latest technology into their curriculum, which not only makes the students familiar with the latest technology but also make them work ready once they graduate. Apart from all these the lessons learned about the cultural differences from all over the world makes one a much better candidate after graduation. Still not sure why study in USA? Here are the reasons:

For its highly ranked universities

US is the home to universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford, in fact seven out of world’s top 10 universities are situated in the US as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2017/2018. And according to the QS World Ranking 2019, 33 out of top 100 universities of the World are situated in the US.

For its quality education

US universities are known for the quality of education it imparts to students. Every year millions of dollars are invested by the federal government in the education sector. At US universities students can either specialize in a certain sector or go for a liberal arts, which is more generalized and also more popular form of education in current trend.

For its Diverse Culture

US is home to a diverse culture. Its population coming from almost every nook and corner of the world and a student gets to experience a unique blend of cultural diversity along with the knowledge. Cities will give exposure to international sports, music, food, art and entertainment that will not only enrich them but also adds value to their student life. Apart from that international students also get a warm welcome as US Universities have always welcomed them.

For its Variety of Choice

US provides something for everyone. Be it location, ranging from urban to rural. It could also be choice of suitable climate, or geographic location. From Warm lowlands to high mountainous region. From snowfall to beaches, US can fulfill the demands of almost all. The wide variety of Choice that it provides makes it quite attractive among the international students.

For the ease of Communication

Since the main language in use in America is English, students coming from countries like Nepal, where English is almost like a second language, find it easier to adapt in society as well as in classroom settings. Apart from that students also get to improve their English language skills by using it more often. Few Colleges and Universities also run English language classes free of charge for the benefit of international students.

For its innovation and research facilities

US universities are renowned worldwide for their research activities. In these universities’ students get to work closely with the professors as Research Assistants which will not only enhance their knowledge but students will also get to earn for their living and study cost. Moreover, through research they can always make a mark in the society.The innovation and research facilities US can provide is incomparable.

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    Know more about USA

    Education System in the USA

    The higher education system of USA is simplified into four levels starting from the Associate level to the PhD. With August being the main intake, there are options for January intake as well.

    USA Student Visa

    Generally, for the students, USA offers an F1 visa with a few exceptions. Student get an immediate Visa verdict without a long wait.

    Employment opportunities in USA

    USA allows students to get involved in both in campus jobs as well as off campus jobs according to their needs. The H1 visa is granted for job holders after the course completion.

    Cost of Studying in the USA

    The fee value ranges from $3000 to $60000 per year. However, there will be opportunities of getting up to cent present scholarship or any other type of funding.

    Scholarships options in USA

    USA government along with some universities provide students with the facility of funding that might be full or partial. There could be opportunities of paid assistantships as well.

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