Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), is required as an English Prerequisite to those students who have an aim to study in the United States of America. Besides it is also acceptable in many other countries like Europe and Australia.

TOEFL-ibt is an internet based testing system, administered by the ETS. All sections can be completed on one single day and the online results can be received on the 10th day. The hard copies will be received after 2/3 months. Students can also send four official test scores free of cost to the Universities of their choice, provided they give the name of the universities 24 hours before the test day.

Some of the basic features of TOEFL are as below:

Sections Questions Time Allocated Band Score
Reading 3 or 4 passages 60 or 80 minutes 30
Listening 6 or 9 recordings 60 or 90 minutes 30
10 minutes Break
Speaking 6 questions 20 minutes 30
Writing 2 questions around 60 minutes 30


The minimum accepted score for undergraduate is 61 and for the masters level it is 79 for most universities with some exceptions.