Study in United States

The United States as a Study Destination

We can find more than a million international student population in the US, making it number one destination for international students. 

Why Choose USA?

Seven out of world’s top 10 universities are situated in the US as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2017/2018.

Education System in the USA

Universities and Colleges in America has its own unique system. After the high school they have various options to choose from.

USA Student Visa

The American universities allows international students to study and earn a degree on the condition that they are granted a student visa first.

Employment Opportunities in the USA

A student visa generally allows 20 hours of work in a week. The On-campus employment is freely available, while for the off-campus employment, you must get a written permission from the DSO.

Cost of Studying in the USA

Though most of the universities in US will provide some sort of funding still the students need to be prepared for the cost that they might have to incur while their stay as an international student.

Scholarships options in USA

Apart from the scholarships and funding that is granted by the universities, the US and Nepal Government also provides different scholarships.

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