PTE – A (Pearson Test of English – Academic) is a English Language Proficiency test. It is also an English Test for study abroad & immigration in English speaking nations.

It is one of the most preferred tests due to its unique characteristics:

PTE A tests & evaluates the applicant for :

PTE A – Test Format: Type of test questions – 20

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

S No PTE Academic Item Type Combination of
1 Read aloud R + S
2 Repeat sentence L + S
3 Describe image S
4 Re-tell lecture L + S
5 Answer short question S
6 Summarize written text R + W
7 Write essay W

Part 2: Reading

S No PTE Academic Item Type Combination of
8 Reading: Multiple-choice, choose single answer R
9 Reading: Multiple-choice, choose multiple answer R
10 Re-order paragraphs R
11 Reading: Fill in the blanks R
12 Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks R+W

Part 3: Listening

S No PTE Academic Item Type Combination of
13 Summarize spoken text L + W
14 Listening: Multiple choice, choose multiple answer L
15 Listening: Fill in the blanks L + W
16 Highlight correct summary L + R
17 Listening: Multiple choice, choose single answer L
18 Select missing word L
19 Highlight incorrect words L + R
20 Write from dictation L + W

For more information, please visit: https://pearsonpte.com/



Please go through the given Q&A to know more about our PTE A preparation classes.


Q. What is the timetable of classes?

A. Morning (9AM to 10AM), Afternoon (12PM to 1PM), Evening (5PM to 6PM).


Q. What is the duration of the program?

A. 10 weeks – 1 hour per day


Q. I want to finish my PTE A classes as soon as possible. Is there any way to do this?

A. Yes, you can take a 2 hour session per day to complete your program much earlier.

Q. Do I have to pay the fees upfront?

A. No. The first week of study is for FREE. If you like the class, you can enroll in the program. If not, you can quit the program without paying a single dime.


Q. What is the cost of the PTE A program?

A. NRs. 9,000.00 for the total 8 week program.


Q. What other alternatives are available other than PTE A?

A. We have TOEFL and IELTS tutorial classes as well in NEC.