IT application day 2022


IT application day provides you the opportunity to learn more about the chosen degree. It is a great opportunity to meet university representatives to find out about the career outcomes. Students will get to know about the scholarship they can receive with reference to their current grades. A clear version of information technology scope will be provided. Students will be given the opportunity to enroll themselves in more than one university with the same specific course.

Top IT courses in Australia                      

  • Data Science 
  • Cyber security  
  • Software Engineering
  • Information & communication technology
  • Introduction to Networking. 
  • Networking Security. 
  • Information Technology Business Management.  
  • Management of Information System
  • Information Technology Systems Analysis

Why study IT in Australia?

  • You do not require a four-year degree to become an IT professional
  • Australian IT degrees are accepted around the world
  • There are more opportunities for IT scholarships and research funding in IT/Computer Science than in most other countries
  • Decently paid part-time and casual jobs are always going if you need to support yourself
  • Potential to work here after you graduate if you’re good enough to secure a job. Salaries and working conditions are among the best in the world.
  • Industry based partnership
  • World class research facilities


Top IT career

  • IT Security Architect
  • Cloud Engineers.
  • Data Scientist
  • Python Developers. 
  • IT Consultants. 
  • Project Managers.
  • Telecoms Technician
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Mobile app designer

Interested in studying abroad with NEC?

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    Interested in studying abroad with NEC?

    Fill in your details and we’ll call you back!