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Get high score in IELTS exams with the best IELTS classes in Kathmandu from Nepal Education Consultancy. We have been providing service to the Nepalese Study Abroad market for more than 18 years. A good score in IELTS ensures your future in the best Universities abroad. At NEC we help you to get maximum scores by providing you customized test preparation classes. Learn the key to score better in the IELTS exam. With an excellent track record and high satisfaction rate.

IELTS Exam Pattern:

IELTS Examination, IELTS Time

IELTS For Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the UK

IELTS is a must have acceptable evidence of English language proficiency for work, migration or study in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada. Each country has it’s own rule for requirements of IELTS. The USA also accepts IELTS for study and work visas. The IELTS is officially taken by IDP or British council in Nepal. Any Nepali students willing to go to these countries for any purpose must score the overall IELTS score of 6.0.

Attempt Nepal Education Consultancy’s thorough IELTS preparation classes in Kathmandu for Nepali students. Get free mock tests and study materials to secure your spot on every format. Below is the IELTS exam test format every candidate must pass in order to apply for the visa.

IELTS Test Format in Brief :

Test Duration: 30 minutes

  • Candidates listen to four recordings and answer 10 objective questions from each recording in 30 minutes.
  • 1st Recording – Dialog in an everyday issue.
  • 2nd Recording - Monologue in a social issue.
  • 3rd Recording – Academic Discussion.
  • 4th Recording – Monologue in an academic issue.

Test Duration: 60 minutes

Academic Test
  • Reading Comprehension format.
  • Candidates will read three passages.
  • Length of each passage is of around 1000 words.
  • From each passage 12/14 objective questions.
  • Likewise, 40 questions to answer from 3 passages.
  • All answers need to be transferred in an answer sheet.
General Test
  • Reading Comprehension format.
  • Candidates read 5 passages.
  • Total 40 objective questions.
  • All answers need to be transferred in an answer sheet.
  • Extracts from Notices, Advertisements, Short texts.

Time Duration: 60 minutes

Academic Test
Task 1:
  • Report Writing based on graphical figures.
  • More than 150 words of descriptive writing.
  • Suggested time: 20 minutes.
Task 2:
  • Essay Writing based on a given topic.
  • More than 250 words of Persuasive essay.
  • Suggested time: 40 minutes.
General Test
Task 1:
  • Letter Writing.
  • More than 150 words of formal/semi-formal/informal letter.
  • Suggested time: 20 minutes
Task 2:
  • Essay Writing based on a given topic.
  • More than 250 words of Persuasive essay.
  • Suggested time: 40 minutes.

Test Duration: 11 - 15 minutes

  • Conducted on a different day.
  • A one to one conversation in an interview format.
  • Face to face interaction with an oral examiner.
  • Part 1: General Introduction (4-5 minutes)
  • Part 2: The long turn. 2 minutes of uninterrupted speaking on a given topic
  • Part 3: Discussion. More abstract ideas (4 – 5 minutes)

Grading the IELTS : 

In IELTS the overall score is 9. Each section is graded in a band scale ranging from 0 to 9. After which the average is calculated which is known as the overall score. Scores might be in decimals as well and not always in a whole number (For example 6.5)
When the average is being calculated the following rules are followed:
If the average score is 7.75, the overall score is increased to an 8
If the average score is 7.25, the overall score is increased to a 7.5
If the average score is 7.10, the overall score is reduced to a 7.0

How to register for the IELTS exam ?

  • The IELTS exam is co-owned By the British Council and IDP Australia, so you can choose any of the two organisations to give your IELTS test. The exam
    module will be the same whether you choose to give the exam through British Council or IDP and the cost is also the same at 19500 NPR. 
  • A photocopy of recent passport will be required for the registration
  • Registration closes around 15 days before the exam date

We here at Nepal Education Consultancy provide free services to register for the IELTS Exam.

IELTS features at Nepal Education Consultancy

  • We have catered to more than 8000 IELTS students so far.
  • Our average IELTS score is a band scale of 6.5
  • Courses are designed to help students get the best strategies of IELTS.
  • Well-equipped lab facility.
  • Free Mock Test – every day.
  • Supportive Staff.
  • Instructor with more than 10 years of experience.

Why study IELTS at Nepal Education Consultancy?

  • Most effective IELTS preparation classes in Kathmandu. We cater to more than 1000 students of IELTS every year.
  • Likewise, our students have had satisfactory placements to the best universities
  • We boast of best IELTS results.
  • On the other hand, keeping the abilities of individual students in mind, our classes are more student-focused.
  • In the same way, our classes have all the modern equipment required for interactive and technically advanced study environment.
  • Similarly, we practice with official IELTS questions.
  • We also provide a free Mock Test every day.
  • We equally provide revision classes to the needful candidates for one year without additional charges.
  • In the same way, NEC provides the student with lab facilities which are run throughout the day.
  • Likewise, our interactive NEC app provides students a one-touch information regarding all the basic information.
  • The E-library will guide students with latest practice materials.
  • Similarly, students get free access to the self-designed Mini Mock Test.
  • Likewise, there is small class size for interactive learning.

Interested in studying abroad with NEC?

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    • The mini mock test is an IELTS test that has been designed by the experts in the industry.
    • It is a 20 minutes full test that can be given online.
    • Likewise, it gives the feel of Computer IELTS test.
    • On the other hand, it provides quick access to self-evaluation.
    • On top of everything, its free of cost.
    • After years of teaching experience, we, at NEC, understand exactly what the students need.
    • Therefore, we focus more on the weaker aspects of the skills, to improve.
    • Our class duration is a maximum of 6 weeks
    • Listening – 1 week
    • Reading – 2 weeks
    • Writing – 2 weeks
    • Speaking – 1 week
    • In addition, regular class test and mock test will help students achieve the best results.
    • Likewise, students can take unlimited revision.
    • We hire the best instructor in town.
    • Teacher at NEC has more than 10 years of teaching experience.
    • Similarly, our expert instructors have appeared for the IELTS test and have got high scores.
    • Our instructors have a high academic qualification.
    • Likewise, instructors at NEC are certified by the concerned bodies.
    • In the same way, NEC will provide you with a supportive and student-friendly environment.
    • On the other hand, additional feedback outside the classroom area is also provided to the students.
    More than IELTS
    • At Nepal Education Consultancy, IELTS preparation classes are not limited to only IELTS, you get more than what you have paid for.
    • Free SOP writing classes embedded with IELTS.
    • Career counselling workshops and seminars.
    • Likewise, full time counselors for free abroad counselling.
    • Similarly, you will get wide variety of options to choose from: USA, Australia, UK, Europe.