Cost of Studying in USA

Cost of Studying

For an International student, the cost factor is always an essential aspect of studying abroad. Accordingly, it is important to be well aware of the cost of studying in the USA. In comparison to Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand, USA provides generous scholarship and funding options that makes the cost of studying much more affordable. The students should consider expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travelling along with the tuition fees while calculating the estimated cost of studying in USA. The expenses that one needs to arrange and the overall cost of studying in the USA from Nepal will be as follows:

Tuition Fee

Though most of the universities in US will provide some sort of funding still the students need to be prepared for the cost that they might have to incur while their stay as an international student. Prominent being the tuition fee. Tuition fee will vary as per the type of institution you opt for. A community college will be much more affordable compared to State Universities. The Private universities will be the most expensive ones.

Apart from that, fee structures also vary depending of the subjects. Medicine and Engineering will be much more expensive rather than humanities or Social science. The MBA programs are perhaps the most expensive ones as there will be very limited scholarships in this area.

The fee value ranges from $3000 to $60000 per year.

Living Cost and Accommodation

The living costs of a single student in the US can be anywhere between $7000 to $ 25,000 per year depending on the city they choose to live in. Generally, the coastal areas are more expensive compared to the land locked states.

Most universities in the US offer on-campus residence to international students. In US, the on-campus housing options are much more affordable compared to living in flats and apartments.

In a rented flat, you will have to pay extra for utility bills. House rent can range between US$600 and US$ 3000 per month in average, depending on the area you choose to stay.

Student Visa Costs

For the student Visa Application, the charge is $160 which needs to be paid at a designated bank.

Health Insurance

Getting a health insurance is mandatory for all students and can cover your expense until the completion of your course. Most Universities will have their own insurance plans. This will cost anywhere in between $700 to $1000 annually.

Transportation Cost

The cost of travel can range in between $45 to $100 per month. This also depends on the city of your residence. The most common forms of transportation are trains, buses and subways.

The cost of studying in the USA can vary according to the place you choose to live in.

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    Know more about USA

    Why Study in USA?

    A country that invests the most for quality education with immense opportunities of funding and scholarships, USA promotes cultural diversity among students.

    Education System in the USA

    The higher education system of USA is simplified into four levels starting from the Associate level to the PhD. With August being the main intake, there are options for January intake as well.

    USA Student Visa

    Generally, for the students, USA offers an F1 visa with a few exceptions. Student get an immediate Visa verdict without a long wait.

    Employment opportunities in USA

    USA allows students to get involved in both in campus jobs as well as off campus jobs according to their needs. The H1 visa is granted for job holders after the course completion.

    Scholarships options in USA

    USA government along with some universities provide students with the facility of funding that might be full or partial. There could be opportunities of paid assistantships as well.

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