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06 Jan 2023

Most Affordable Nursing Degree in Australia


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Most Affordable Nursing Degree in Australia
A nursing degree in Australia is one of the most coveted courses among health science graduates from Nepal. Have you given any thought to what might be causing this? First and foremost, Australia provides enormous potential for nursing graduates with sophisticated medical facilities, innovative equipment, and technology. Secondly, the demand for trained and experienced Nurses considerably outweighs the supply, making it the most sought-after healthcare position not only in Australia but around the world. Multiple factors are driving up the demand for nursing professionals, including an aging population and a higher requirement for chronic and acute care management. If you want to pursue a career as a nurse in Australia, now is the perfect time to do so.

No matter which part of the world you live in or where you want to study, the nursing profession will always offer fantastic job opportunities. The salary may vary, but nursing is a future-proof profession, meaning, nurses are in demand whether it is a recession or inflation period. However, in Australia, the average nursing salary is around $79,868. And the average course fee stands up to around AUD. 25,000. So, one of the best options for students is to study nursing in Australia. 

Here are the best universities to study nursing in Australia!

Top 10 Universities to Study Nursing in Australia

Curtin University

Located in Western Australia, Curtin University is one of the best universities at Perth for international students. Ranked at the top 11th university for the study of nursing, Curtin offers high quality of education at an affordable rate.

University of Technology Sydney

Situated in one of the most popular cities in Australia, UTS is well renowned in the whole country for productive and successive graduates. Nursing being one of the courses, the students of UTS show a huge rate of satisfaction with the education provided.

Federation University

Being part of Victoria, the federation University of Melbourne is one of the best options for students who are looking for an affordable study of nursing in the beautiful environment of Australia. Melbourne is known for its beauty, Federation University is very well known in Victoria for its successive graduates, with good skills.

Western Sydney University

Study At A World-Class University, Become Part Of A Dynamic And Culturally Rich Community. Western Sydney University is one of the best attractions for international students as it offers huge good deals that are tough for students to put down.

Murdoch University

Sitting close to Curtin University, Murdoch University is yet another affordable and great attraction for international students who plan to study nursing in Australia. With great education, Murdoch provides a supportive environment for students.

Victoria University

Victoria University is one of the most chosen universities by international students for nursing courses. Located in victoria state, the Victoria University is the most chosen and preferred destination by the international students for the study of nursing in Australia.

Australian Catholic University

ACU graduate nurses are held in high regard for their clinical skills, quick thinking, and compassion. Being one of the leading universities to produce the most productive and skilled nurses, the Australian Catholic University is another one of the best choices that an international student can have.

Griffith University

The Griffith nursing degree is a contemporary, comprehensive program taught by dedicated professionals at Australia’s No. 1 ranked university for Nursing and Midwifery, which is also ranked 2nd in the world. With such leading and bold declarations, Griffith University is the best university a person can suggest in the world. Along with the production of skillful and successive manpower.

University of Canberra

If you’re passionate about helping others and considering a future in nursing, then UC’s Bachelor of Nursing course offers an outstanding industry and globally respected platform from which to launch your nursing career. With an amazing and very suitable environment for international students, the University of Canberra offers everything that a student demands and keeps in mind for international level studies.

University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania offers a vibrant learning culture; our program uses a blended model of online learning supported by on-campus intensive periods. You’ll also undertake a minimum of 880 hours of Professional Experience Placements aligned with your interests, and across a variety of five clinical and healthcare environments. So it is yet another pleasing offer for students.

Well, listing all these nursing universities, Nepal Education Consultancy will help you find the best university for your path. You can choose and decide accordingly as you want and desire. Finding the best nursing course and university can be a very tough job for international students. However, you can choose the best one by comparison of price, success rate, and graduate satisfaction. The best ones as listed provide a high quality of education at a very affordable price. With proper guidelines, choosing the best course and education provider will be a simple job as we have got your back.

Nursing Fees in Australia

Varying from one education provider to another, the average study fee for nursing in Australia is around AUD 25,000. Where scholarship schemes range from around AUD 5,000 to AUD 10,000 according to the university’s quality of education, student demand, and the facilities provided. With high understanding and student satisfaction, the scholarship scheme can be sometimes either on accommodation and rentals or tuition fees and other various facilities provided. Students with an average grade of over 60% and an overall score of 7 with each band 7 in IELTS can take full-fledged benefits of these scholarship schemes and the chance to study nursing in Australia. 

Can I Study Nursing in Australia for Free?

No, you can’t study Nursing in Australia for free. However, you can get up to a 30% scholarship for any of your Nursing courses. There are various institutions that provide scholarships in Australia for various degrees. Nepal Education Consultancy can help you get a scholarship for your further studies in Nursing degree.

Study Diploma in Nursing in Australia for International Students

Australia is a great destination if you are planning to study for a diploma in Nursing. With its most prestigious universities, Australia is considered one of the best destinations to study Diploma in Nursing. Additionally, you can get scholarships from various institutions to help you with your funding. Contact us today and we will help you study diploma in Nursing in Australia!

Study Nursing in Australia with Nepal Education Consultancy

With great deals and offers, Nepal Education Consultancy promises to be with you to build the pillar you need for the future. Here you can rely on us for the best path and university you need for your nursing courses. You can research and know all the ups and downs of all the deals that are offered to international student who plans to go to Australia for their education and career. So, choose the best that forfeits your demand.

Let us help you Study in Australia!

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