10 Places to Visit in Sydney in Free Time

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of Australia’s largest cities. The city is built around a large harbor and features many tourist attractions such as beaches, stunning skylines, national parks, and high-quality museums. However, we all know that Sydney is neither the cheapest place to live nor the cheapest place to visit. But, having said that, there are many free things to do in Sydney. Below are the top ten free things that you can experience in Sydney:

Art gallery of NSW 

Located near the domain, the Art gallery of NSW (New South Wales) is a marvelous place that exhibits the most amazing art and sculpture. It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm on a regular basis whereas 10 am to 10 pm on Wednesday. It has a calm and refreshing space to be in.

Royal Botanic Garden 

Near the Art gallery of NSW, a royal botany garden is a place with a peaceful environment with managed botany and lovely fresh air to breathe in. It opens at 7 am in the morning and the closing time varies every day.

State Library of NSW 

The state library of NSW hosts various different events, exhibitions, and workshops from time to time. There is a cluster of heavily loaded information and all-around knowledge with charging ports for your phones and laptop.

Parramatta River Cycleway 

The Parramatta Valley Cycleway is a 15-kilometer-long path shared by cyclists and pedestrians that follows the Parramatta River. The cycleway follows the river providing some pleasant outlooks, heritage buildings, and nature reserves.

Bondi-Coogee walk 

This is the most amazing place for a beach walk. It’s more of a regular exercise place, with daily random stalls and an amazing relaxing time at the beach. What would be better than getting an amazing suntan at the beach with a marvelous view?

Wendy’s Secret Garden 

Being usually vacant, with natural beauty and a very peaceful environment, Wendy’s secret garden is the place that everyone must visit. It is a very adventurous place as we can explore the garden and find the spot from where we can get an amazing look at the Harbour bridge of Sydney. It is a perfect spot for a getaway and relaxation.

Luna Park 

Luna Park is probably the most exciting and joyful park on the list, as it is an amusement park. The rides in the park are not for free but the area itself is for socializing, getting marvelous views at night and random go to places. At night the area is fully lit up making it a scene that’s worth it.

Harbor bridge 

To enjoy the amazing view, many people choose to do the Bridge Climb that takes them to the top of the structure. The bridge that was opened to traffic in 1932 can be enjoyed by anyone.

Sydney Opera House Close Look

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center in Sydney. Located on the banks of Sydney Harbour. It is like a marvel for the eyes as the unique shape of the building attracts lots and lots of tourists with amazing ocean views to offer.

Chau Chak Wing Museum 

Opening 7 days a week, the Chau Chak Wing Museum is a new museum of art, science, history, and ancient cultures at the University of Sydney, that is fully free to enter and enjoy.