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Who We Are

We envision the undeterred access to quality international education for all Nepali students.

Nepal Education Consultancy (NEC), established in 2001 (Registration number: 15075/057/058) is a private education consultant company pioneering in abroad education consultancy through extensive education services.

NEC is a group of highly trained professionals in the field of education with a motto of providing the highest quality of counseling to students in the selection of colleges and universities to find right educational programmes based on their needs and talents. We also provide guidance and help for application procedures and visa processing and inform students about foreign policies of education, abroad studies procedures and part-time jobs during studies.

We focus on assiduous work to preserve the quintessential hallmark of our services in the cut-throat age of competition. We are committed to gender equality.

About Us


We aspire to pioneer in rendering student-oriented education services with motto "To those who can and to those who deserve."


We believe that our services embody the quality of research, outreach and information. We aspire to satisfy every student, every parent, every guardian and every partner institution we work with. Our every approach reflects to fulfill the blanks saying 'what needs to be done'.


We project ourselves as the tireless consultant endeavoring to represent the excellent institutions from different countries to the Nepali students. We endeavor to excel in helping students by providing them the best educational match to fulfill their colorful dreams of glistening careers.


We develop long-term, medium-term and short-term goals to implement media outreach with temporal back-end analysis at intervals. Mouth to mouth publicity, always being the strongest strategy signifies the trust of the students and guardians we have served so far.

Our strategic planning, research and creative development are meant to create measurable results for the target groups. Our strategies predominantly aim to mobilize cost-effective and enduring mechanisms to achieve highest possible outcomes.

Key Approach

Our approach involves analysis of the alternative ways of achieving the goals defined in operational terms through effective tools and development of a systematic working pattern by considering the various aspects and benefits in a comparative manner.

We work to systematize the operational goals to ease the determination of cost effectiveness. We set the goals and project the cost and benefits of the different administrative means. We define the geography of overlapping programs and destinations. This ensures the healthy functioning of every organizational and programmatic units (decision units) in course of operation.


Our greatest competency lies in the fact that we have nurtured sound decision-making capability in all these years. We adopt participatory approach to decision-making. This ensures the embedding of organizational values in every team member. Our team prioritizes inculcating the quality of persuasion and invigorates the willingness to take responsibilities among ourselves.

With conceptual clarity in counseling every single student, we develop the capacity of our subordinates towards progressive and forward-looking mentality. Every member of our team possesses initiative taking attitude with keen interest to improve organizational performance.












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